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The Superpower

FitAtom is an interactive wellness coach that uses Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence to provide real-time motivation and on-point form correction. FitAtom learns your goals and helps you achieve them.

Adaptive Coaching

The workouts you need based on past performance, geared toward future results

Meaningful Analytics

Track activity, performance, calories and heart-rate* for data that motivates

Real-Time Form Correction

Yoga, Barre, and HIIT workouts with posture correction cues from your FitAtom coach

Training programs for Yoga and HIIT workouts

Library of Workouts

A library of on-demand workouts for fitness that fits your schedule

Personalized Training Program

Personalized training with focus on you and your goals, powered by Artificial Intelligence

Where customized fitness meets community wellness

Create a team or join one based on age, location or goals

Top weekly or monthly leaderboard that motivate and inspire

Share success with your social circle, on or off the platform